There’s a hint of sense behind knit boleros and cashmere bralettes finding success during a time when we spend most of our time indoors, lazing away on the sofa. Harnesses — specifically, leather harnesses — however, aren’t quite so easy to explain away. Even so, when Zara released a leather harness belt for $49.90 a few months back, it sold out almost instantly. I, myself, posted it on Instagram, sharing my interest surrounding a product I had no reason to wear. And yet, I wanted one. (Unfortunately, not badly enough to purchase one before everyone else did.) Others were posting the harness, too, many of whom were also questioning whether or not buying a harness for the sake of fashion — during a pandemic, no less — was ridiculous or strangely reasonable. Since, the brand has released another alternative, this time for an even lower price. (It costs $39.90.) One of the two sizes available is already sold out. The other will assuredly follow.