A lot of people have recently decided to set up their own online store. We should not forget that this is a very good solution, especially when we want good earnings, among other things. However, what to remember when we want to design our website? What is very important in this situation?

Demanding website design

We should not forget that if we do not have too much experience, the website design can be a very big problem for us, especially when we want to create an online store. In such a situation, we must pay attention to many important aspects, thanks to which our potential customers will not only stay in our online store for longer, but also make purchases there. So what is very important in this case? What should we remember?

As shown by many studies that have been carried out on many customers of online stores, it happens more and more often that we really need very good solutions in the online store so that our potential customers want to shop there. It is very important to pay attention to whether, for example, everything on our website is clearly described, because if the customer has to look for a given item for too long, he will definitely be discouraged from buying it. This will, of course, mean that we will have no profit. However, when the website is really badly made, it may turn out that we may also have a bad opinion. So as we can see, we really work on our brand from the very beginning and it is very important to focus on a good design in this case.

The analysis of the UX factor will certainly make it easier for us. If we analyze the traffic on our website well and take into account the aforementioned user experience, we will be able to find out how many visitors have decided to shop with us. In this case, it is also very important to pay attention to the fact whether, for example, these people added products to the cart and later withdrew from shopping or maybe they were looking for something on our website for too long and did not find it. There are many possibilities in this case, so we should carefully analyze this report.

Cut2Code – what is important?

The loading time of the page is certainly very important in the case of an online store. More and more people have not had much free time recently, which is why they decide to shop online. However, we should not forget that if our website does not load too quickly and this time is very long, the potential customer will give up shopping at the beginning. The AMP indicator, which is popular in the e-commerce industry, can very well explain this. It is nothing but Accelerated Mobile Pages that helps render webpages very fast, however they must have static content. The implementation of the aforementioned Accelerated Mobile Pages standard allows us to precisely match the content of the website to the individual technical parameters of the tools. These include, among others, the resolution and screen size. As a result, each user is guaranteed speed and freedom in browsing our websites.


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