Large corporations partner with innovative startups that help them in the process of adapting to changes more efficiently and quickly.

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February 3, 2021 2 min read

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Faced with the new reality, companies have been forced to implement innovation processes. However, the demand from certain sectors has led entrepreneurs to innovate or disrupt the usual business to implement novelties or significant improvements , resulting in an innovative project that will add value to the market in which it is implemented.

Innovation is a process to renew the market, from the improvement of a simple idea that can end up in a new product of the same range but with small variations, which allows satisfying other consumer needs.

98% of innovations are incremental , that is, they are changes or variations in an existing product to improve it or satisfy other customer needs. Entrepreneurship and innovation often go hand in hand. However, entrepreneurship does not always imply innovation, but when both characteristics are combined and a successful business plan is carried out, success is absolute.

Under the theme “How to adapt your company to the new reality with innovation” , Wortev , held its first Rise Day of 2021 underlining the need for companies to strengthen and improve the market in which they are, adapt to new demands to compete hand in hand with large companies, as its ease of change and adaptation will be much more agile than a corporate one.

Image: Courtesy Wortev

Rodolfo Ramírez, founder of the Redbox innovation agency, shared the methodology he has developed to innovate the Mexican and pointed out the process that companies must follow in order to achieve adaptation to the new demands of each market, and divided it into three points specific:

1.-Inspiration . To achieve it you have to open your brain to many references that accelerate the creative process and above all feed yourself with trends, solutions and things that can serve the problem you want to solve.

2.-Creativity. The bulk of the population believes that it is half creative, but that is just a fallacy because we are all tremendously creative, we just have to remove that label and work with our brain.

3.-Innovation. To get to this point you must understand that there are different types of innovation and incremental, which means taking something that already exists and reinventing it, is the most common and 98% of companies do it.

The Redbox manager assured that to be innovative it is necessary to be persistent and put all your heart into the ideas you implement.