Basic starter kit

The Electrobot basic starter kit for Uno R3 with 23 projects, a rotary encoder comes with a total of 100 different components. The whole kit weighs around 350 grams and all the components are multicolored. This kit can easily be considered the best choice for Uno beginners. It includes UNO R3 as well as Breadboard and a UNO R3 Holder. The kit id is – LCD1602 and it also contains a detailed tutorial CD inside, to help you get started on the whole robot building process!

Wifi kit

The REES52 Iduino Uno Automation wifi robotics kit comes with 1 channel relay module, a Pir motion sensor module, 32 LCD display, an ultrasonic sensor module, a breadboard, a membrane switch keypad for the jumper wire and more. This kit has several important and necessary components that help to ensure maximized results. You can control results via network, load triggers via network as well as a creation of database with information from sensors, using the ethernet or wifi module. It has applications that make use of LEDs, Buzzer as well as LDR brightness sensor to help you get desired results.

Solar kit

The eErlik new educational 14-in-1 solar robot kit is ideal for kids willing to learn about renewable energy sources as well as green technologies. This kit provides unique accessories which include parts that help to make the robot move on land as well as water, as there are two different levels to building the robot. This solar-powered robot kit can easily be transformed into a total of 14 different modules. It is extremely easy to assemble as no tools are necessary. It is also safe and eco-friendly!

For young ones

The WitBlox robotics kit for 101 projects has the following educational objectives – to help improve design, logical and analytical thinking and to also provide a head start in Electronics and Robotics. You get to play with a ton of different sensors, light, sound, motors as well as get to building some amazing stuff. This kit is often considered one of the most preferred educational kits for young innovators. It doesn’t require any soldering or programming and is also very easy to plug and get started to building your robot right away!