As a self-proclaimed black and neutrals-wearing girlie, I looked on in amazement—and a little envy—when I first came across Muhumuza’s content last year. Her page was splattered with bold greens, fiery oranges, teals, pinks, yellows. Long boots and layers, corsets and curves. Curly red hair. It was LOUD, and without having yet met her, I knew it was totally ‘Simi’. That’s by design, and it’s a style approach that she hopes inspires her audience. “I have always been very anti-neutral because for me it almost feels like we’re consistently putting ourselves in this neutral space, almost to the point where we all have the same uniform,” she reflects. “I have always encouraged Black people to not wear the uniform. Don’t wear the uniform! It’s not you; it’s something for the sake of muting you, of putting you in a space where you’re malleable and digestible. To me, wearing color is the unmute button.”

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