The area

Kefalonia is one of Greece’s greenest isles. Mount Ainos offers a dramatic centrepoint, with black pines and Greek fir trees tumbling down hillsides into higgledy-piggledy towns and fields braided with grapevines and olive groves. Weave through the Omala Valley, between Fragata and Valsamata, and stop off at the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos. Stroll around the ancient churchyard, with trees and gates dating back to the 16th century, and visit the underground cave where, legend has it, the eponymous patron saint of Kefalonia lived for 10 years.

Pool at F Zeen Kefalonia

Pool at F Zeen, Kefalonia

Eco effort

The retreat is based on the concept of connecting with nature, respecting the environment and refocusing on the here and now. To that effect, sustainability is everywhere you look at F Zeen. There is no use of plastic anywhere in the hotel and they hope to be 100% plastic free within the next two years. There is an organic vegetable garden where chefs pick fresh fruit and vegetables for the restaurant, and they are in the process of building an even bigger vegetable garden where guests can go and pick their produce to snack on as they wander between the greenery. The hotel works alongside the Lourdata village to help support local artisans and suppliers, using small local producers and hiring locally. There is a boutique shop in the hotel featuring carefully selected items created by Greek designers and made in Greece, from natural beauty products to sustainable swimwear.

F Zeen Kefalonia

F Zeen, Kefalonia

Accessibility for those with mobility impairments

This is an area that the hotel could work on – there are limited accessibility options for disabled travellers.

Anything else to mention

Be sure to have an earlier dinner one evening to make the most of the outdoor cinema. Movies are listed on the blackboard in reception, and food and drinks can be ordered to your seat. Headphones are used to avoid sound pollution in the neighbourhood, so you can kick back with a movie as the sun sets, stars twinkle and bats flit through the night sky.

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