Whether your favorite vintage T-shirt is from a sweaty gig, the gift shop of an exhibition, stolen from your ex, or emblazoned with a political slogan, the nostalgia of a one-of-a-kind, keepsake T-shirt is irreplaceable. While the throwback item is forever inspiring fashion — just look to Gucci’s Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse collectibles, or Paco Rabanne’s retro postcard-inspired pieces — the vintage knit is having a particularly big moment right now. Rowing Blazers recently revived Princess Diana’s slogan knits of choice, one reading, “I’m A Luxury Few Can Afford”. Elsewhere, Rodarte is looking to the motifs of metalhead merch for its sweatshirt selection. As it turns out, when we’ve all been wearing face masks and missing IRL communication more than ever, saying it with your chest really is best.