Complete drafting set

This package comes with six must-have products for the busy engineer. These include a mini drafter, a sheet holder, a 30cm plastic scale, pro circle, set square, and four drawing board clips. The Mini Drafter is made using a high-quality die-casted aluminum clamp so it grips your drawing board firmly as you work. The drawing clips are made from unbreakable hard plastic. The sheet container is extendable and is made from durable plastic. All the products are carefully packed in four layers so that they don’t sustain damage during shipping.

Quality Instruments

This set contains the three essential tools you’ll need to crack that tough drafting assignment. The mini drafter has a heavy steel rod that allows you to angle the instrument on your board at any angle, making drafting a seamless and effortless affair. The drawing sheet holder is 34 inches after you open it and when it’s closed it’s 17 inches. It’s made from hard plastic that will keep your work safe. The drawing board clips hold your work in place and won’t break or crack.

Good value for money

This set contains a mini drafter, sheet container, scale, Pro circle, set squares, and board clips. It also comes with a roller scale which allows you to draft engineering drawings and lines with great precision. This inclusion makes it stand out from other sets on the market. All the products are made from a quality, durable materials that will withstand heavy use. With this budget-friendly set of tools from a well-known brand, you’ll be mastering your assignments and getting better at drafting in no time at all.

A perfect choice

This set of 6 products includes a mini drafter, sheet holder and drawing board clips. The engineering marking tools in the set include a plastic scale, pro circle and set squares. The Mini Drafter has a thick die-cast aluminum clamp that ensures its durability. The marking tools and the drawing clips are made from hard, unbreakable plastic. This set is designed with an engineer or engineering student in mind but it can certainly be used by architects, artists, or product designers too.