The arrival of a new Four Seasons will always resound farther than its new neighbourhood and this latest addition is no different – except now the whispers extend to the seas.

Four Seasons is taking its award-winning service to the ocean with the launch of Four Seasons Yachts, “appealing to discerning guests looking to reimagine their love of travel by experiencing the splendour of modern sea voyaging.” Anticipated to set sail in late 2025, bespoke voyages will carve through the sea to some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. The vessel will be led and staffed by a dedicated team, with staff outnumbering guests.

Four Seasons is launching a luxury yacht experience in 2025 and it's as glamorous as you'd expect

The first of a fleet of Four Seasons Yachts, currently being built in Trieste, Italy, will span 14 decks and include 95 suites. True to Four Seasons fashion, the boat is as splashy as they come – each custom-designed suite costs about £4 million to build. With “ultimate privacy, flexibility and spaciousness” in mind, the adaptable joining combinations seamlessly integrated into each suite will create villa-like estates in a nautical residential setting. The floor-to-ceiling windows in each room are all about those unobstructed riviera views, while the generous indoor-outdoor space – by way of an expansive private terrace deck – is the spot for sundowners. Accommodation will start at an average of 581 square feet (54 square metres) with the roomiest – a four-level suite named the “Funnel” – offering more than 9,601 square feet (892 square metres; bigger than the average British home) and completed with a private wading pool and spa area.

Restaurants, lounges and bars have been carefully considered, from expertly made coffee to meticulously plated sushi or a glass of Champagne on deck. The yacht will be equipped with a full-service spa, salon and wellness programme, the pool can transform into an outdoor movie theatre or event space, and the transverse marina will also make the perfect spot to soak in the sun or dive bomb into the warm waters.

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