The Google Pixel 7 has a wider selfie camera and a better main camera than the Pixel 6a. A faster Tensor G2 chip powers the phone series. With Tensor G2, the phone not just captures the night light pictures quicker but also with details and better clarity. According to Google, the Pixel 7 series captures photos with accurate skin tones. It has brought us various new camera-focused features. One of those features is Guided Frame.

_Guided Frame on Google Pixel 7_ Who is it for and how to use it_

This feature uses the Pixel 7’s front-facing camera along with Google’s TalkBack mode, to help your phone to take selfies even if you can’t necessarily see the process clearly. With TalkBack, there are a few extra implementations that a selfie has. First of all, your phone will vibrate at different times to help you in identifying when the camera is actually framing your face properly. Along with that, you will be audibly guided by your pixel to let you know where to move your head for the best shot.

For whom is the Guided Frame feature?

The feature is an interplay of hardware and software, and it works with Android’s TalkBack screen reader to help in guiding a visually-impaired person to get into the best positioning for a good selfie. It really simplifies taking selfies for those individuals who are visually impaired.

How to enable the Guided Frame feature?

Step 1: On your pixel, go to the settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and look for accessibility.

Step 3: Tap on “TalkBack”.

Step 4: Tap on “Use TalkBack” for turning it on.

Step 5: Tap on “TalkBack shortcut” to turn on the quick shortcut.

From there, hold your volume buttons down for 2 seconds. TalkBack should turn on and limit the touch capabilities of your phone. If you double-tap the power button, you should open the camera app.

When the camera is open, you can choose the camera switch button and get guided photos. Your Pixel will audibly provide you instructions to frame your face. On top of that, the phone will vibrate to let you know when the shot looks good. Once you’re ready, a 3-second countdown will start.

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