In times of trouble, we turn to matching sets, mostly made out of fleece. And it makes sense: 1) There’s hardly any thought involved beyond locating the trousers; 2) There’s a certain level of put-together-ness in the obvious “these clothes were made to go together” way; and 3) They feel damn good to wear — anywhere. However, may we suggest a slight variation for 2020-going-on-“please let this be a better year?” As shown here on yours truly, a tracksuit in floral windbreaker fabric adds a heightened quotient of weather-proofing, especially when you throw in an extra-warm turtleneck, glorified long johns, and a wooly sock. Just supply your own outerwear should this winter not be balmy as it’s suggesting itself to be, and don’t forget the Run Star Hike, whose chunky platform and jagged rubber sole can traverse leafy sidewalks and artificial grass and curbside dining-room floors in high style.