Interview with Bennet Schwartz, Creative Director & World Traveler

Interview with Bennet Schwartz, Creative Director & World Traveler

First of all, Who is Bennet?

Bennet Schwartz: That’s a deep question to start with and one I’ve been working to understand for years. Bennet Schwartz is a Texan artist who relocated to Sydney, Australia in 2020. That is the literal answer to the question about who is Bennet Schwartz Sydney resident. I like to think you learn more about a person by asking those in their inner circle who they are because my view of myself will be far rosier than that of those who know me best. Bennet Schwartz Sydney creative is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and cyclist. There was a time when I hoped cycling would be the defining aspect of my life, but now I hope it’s my travels and my work as a creative director.

How do you describe your work in a few words?

Bennet Schwartz: That’s a good question because the work of a creative director changes with every project. My role is to get involved in the earliest stages of every project and make sure the creative direction remains consistent. In most cases, I work with a team of artists and creative professionals who work together to reach our goal. Creative directors are often confused with artistic directors, but the two are completely different. I have to be able to assemble the small pieces of information a client gives me and assemble them into the big picture of the completed project, before any work begins. A creative director can work on anything from a live event to a TV show, or an advertising campaign, making me a jack of all trades.

What do you expect of yourself?

Bennet Schwartz: I’m my own boss, so I am very demanding of myself. I strive to maintain my focus each day and push myself and our team to reach their full potential at every opportunity. I like to think my role as creative director is to facilitate others in reaching their potential during a project.

Can you tell us more about your recent move Austin, TX to Sydney Australia, and why you made this choice?

Bennet Schwartz: That was a huge step to take and a decision I did not take lightly. I had visited Australia for work and fun, with the country lingering in my mind for many years. My life had changed a lot since I started my career in my hometown of Austin, Texas as a graphic designer. Over the last five years, I noticed I was spending less time in Austin and more time on the road. Finally, I decided to have a life change with a move to Sydney, where I could challenge myself by carving out a life and career far from my comfort zone. Challenges like this can make or break you and I feel recharged and ready to take the next step in my career.

You are also a bicycle racer, does sport add something to your creative processs?

Bennet Schwartz: I have been a bike racer since my teenage years and my competitive nature is a business asset. I traveled the world competing in the Red Hook Criterium, which is a bicycle race with no brakes. I think my cycling career makes me a better artist because I am willing to take risks and explore the creative process.

When it comes to your work and performances, What is the difference you aim to make?

Bennet Schwartz: I really love to deliver an important message through my work. When I set out on my career as a creative director, I did not feel I had a direction I needed to take as an artist. These days, I like to be more selective in the projects I work on and create work I can be proud of in the future.

Tell us about the most recent project you are proud of?

Bennet Schwartz: I think the pandemic of 2020 has changed the way we look at life and work. A project I am pleased to be part of is a smaller event taking place in Sydney with street artists. My interest in graffiti art has been around for a few years and I like the fact the young artists we are working with will impact the culture of Sydney in the future.

What is the “one word” advice you will give to our readers when it comes to succeeding in life?

Bennet Schwartz: Respect. I have learned the need for respect toward everybody I work with is needed if I hope to remain a successful entrepreneur.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Bennet Schwartz: The last few years have been such a whirlwind it’s difficult to say. Five years ago I would not have guessed I would be living in Australia and making my way in a new country. I hope my career trajectory keeps moving upwards, with more clients added to my company. One of the areas I hope to become more involved in is philanthropy. I love my job and spending time riding my bike, but I want to play a part in my new community in Sydney.

Any final thoughts?

Bennet Schwartz: Taking risks is an important part of my business and personal life because I like to stretch myself. My career has already taken me around the world but Sydney already feels like home. I was still new to Australia when the pandemic struck our part of the world. My family in Auston were worried about me, but I treated this as a time to reset my life and make sure I was moving in the right direction.

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