Jeffrey English NYC graphic designer spends most of his time bringing design ideas to life. The master graphic designer has a large clientele that includes small, midsize and large companies. Working from his studio in Hoboken, New Jersey, Jeffrey English is adept at creating captivating visual and graphic design materials for print and digital media consumption. This is all thanks to his extensive skill set in marketing, signage and brand identity. Jeffrey English NYC boasts over 15 years of prominence in the design industry. During this time he has won numerous industry accolades.

He has also spoken at various public forums bringing together design professionals. English studied at the New York-based Tish School of Arts for his degree in graphic degree. Outside his busy work schedule, Jeffrey enjoys cycling, traveling and reading Sci-Fi novels. His passion for cycling is like no other since it helps him keep calm and stay focused. Jeffrey is a founding member of a cycling group based in New Jersey. For anyone who wants to pick cycling as a hobby, Jeffery suggests reading Phil Gaimon’s bestselling book “The Pro Cycling Dream”.

Hello Jeffrey, can you please tell our readers who you are?

Jeffrey English: I work as a graphic designer in a serene design studio located in Jersey.

What are your core areas of focus and why?

Jeffrey English: My area of expertise is graphic design, which encompasses everything from digital design and visual design to brand strategy. I work with lots of software and design tools.

How would you describe your style in a few words?

Jeffrey English: The graphic design presents limitless possibilities. This is especially true with the emergence of digital and User Interface design. My design style fuses vintage, retro with modern design elements.

And specific areas are your design solutions making an impact?

Jeffrey English: The impact of graphic design is evident in TV commercials, street billboards and online and paper advertisements. We work with both digital and print media. I’m glad that our solutions have helped many B2B and B2C corporations win over clients and maintain a competitive edge.

How would you define the term “Design” in a few words?

Jeffrey English: Design is a construct envisioned through an idea. A skilled graphic designer uses computer-aided graphics software and handcrafted skills to bring visual concepts into actuality.

How has AI and a string of other DIY online solutions changed the way design works?

Jeffrey English: Absolutely, Artificial Intelligence is being used in robotics to execute tasks that only humans could do. In the design field, AI’s with cognitive abilities and powerful memories can recognize different shapes, patterns, color and text codes. The other revolutionary technologies to watch include Machine Learning, Virtual Reality (VR), Deep Learning and Augmented Reality (AR).

What advice would you give to budding designers hoping to succeed in the industry?

Jeffrey English: If you are interested in pursuing a career in graphic design and make a living from it, your best advice incorporating the creativity aspect with business management skills. You can sharpen your creativity by mastering Photoshop; constantly seeking inspiration and keeping tabs with the changing trends. Photoshop stands out from the crowded design software stable because it is highly volatile and can be used to accomplish virtually every design work. On the business side of things, graphic designers should know how to communicate; create a resounding profile and explore upcoming advancement opportunities.

In your assessment, where do you see your studio in the next 5 years?

Jeffrey English: Technology, as I had intimated earlier has had a huge impact on graphic designers and their trade. The most visible impact is changing traditional roles and creating new job streams. Some of the new positions include graphic director, flash designer, and layout artist. In the next few years, I hope to turn my studio into the go-to design station and consultancy in the greater northeast.

And what are you most excited about at the moment?

Jeffrey English: Being in the design sphere is fulfilling as it affords me the opportunity to get paid for my creativity. I also enjoy flexible work hours and the fact that I can find inspiration from anywhere I look, i.e. walking down the streets, socializing with friends and dining out.

What would be your last word?

Jeffrey English: To become a resolute design profession in this day and age, you need to strive to achieve visual harmony in whatever you do. This means presenting pleasant designs of impeccable quality. For those starting out, the availability of cutting-edge graphic design software and tools have made it easier to multitask, schedule tasks and try new compelling ideas. 

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