Follow along with our blog series #HealthcareNow and #PublicSectorNow, where we’ll address healthcare innovation around the world and how to maintain business continuity in today’s health climate. 

With the uncertainty of the current environment, health organizations around the world are accelerating their adoption of technology solutions to prepare for a new era of patient care. The pandemic is accelerating change at a rapid rate, redefining healthcare as we know it with new contactless innovations and tools that can improve overall organizational performance and patient care 

Cisco Capital has been helping healthcare organizationadapt in the face of change. As businesses reimagine workforces and redesign workplaces,Cisco’s payment solutions have allowed healthcare organizations to not only overcome current challenges, but also operate more efficiently and effectively.  

Cisco’s flexible financing provides access to complete technology solutions that drive business continuity and clinical resiliency by bundling the hardware, software and services you need today while spreading the cost over time. Healthcare organizations can address short-term cash flow and liquidity concerns while having access to the latest Cisco technology with predictable monthly payments at interest rates as low as zero percent  

With no upfront costs, Cisco Easy Pay provides the agility to keep pace with your digital business needs and grow your healthcare organization. In addition, flexible end-of-term options make it easy for you to maintain your competitive advantage and plan for the uncertain future ahead. 

Jersey Community Hospital, which has served citizens in the Jerseyville, Illinois, area for over 60 years, needed to digitally upgrade to a secure network after discovering that weak channels of communications had led to patient scheduling issues as well as gaps in device security and customer privacy protection.  

With Secure Data Technologies, Cisco helped Jersey Community Hospital create a state-of-the-art communications network. This improved patient satisfaction by enabling more human interactions during the scheduling process, expanded access to specialty care from other hospitals through telehealth implementations and increased end-to-end security across all critical platforms. 

“This organization, and everyone who works or volunteers here, has allowed me to give back to my hometown,” said Shane Winters, IT Director at Jersey Community Hospital. “I’m proud to have worked with Secure Data Technologies and Cisco to make it easier for everyone in the county to connect to the healthcare services they need.” 

As the pandemic unfolded in Australia, all state government hospitals were forced to immediately ramp up to ensure availability of COVID-19 testingNew South Wales (NSW) Health, the largest public health system in Australia with 228 public hospitals and 114,000 dedicated staff members, needed to quickly digitize clinical services to virtual care in order to meet the increasing demands of the pandemic.   

NSW Health looked at many options with the least disruption to its WAN core and decided on a number of the modules via Cisco Refresh, which offers competitive pricing for equipment that is remanufactured and verified by Cisco. With the help of Cisco Refresh, NSW Health was able to rapidly deploy critical virtual care services, pathology testing (with results available in 48 hours), pop-up clinics and remote work for part of its workforce. 

The healthcare sector has been and always will be a dynamic business. It remains critical now during this health crisis – perhaps more than ever before – and we thank our frontline workers who are pushing through these tough and challenging timesWe’re proud to offer Cisco’s products and services during this time of need so healthcare providers can continue to be agile in 2020 and beyond.  

At Cisco, we are committed to providing you with ways to preserve cash and the ability to accelerate technology innovations so you can focus on driving your business needs and achieving success in this new era of patient care.

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