Secret Lagoon in El Nido, among “Top 50 Best Beaches in the World”

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Avid travelers and travel enthusiasts alike have probably known the Philippines to be a haven for some of the best beaches in the world, giving merit to its reputation as one of the most visited destinations in Asia. But while hotspots like Boracay and Bohol, to name a few, often make the headlines, some lesser-known places in the country also deserve the same acknowledgment as the frontrunners. One of those locations is a lagoon so hidden within El Nido, Palawan, that it earned the moniker of “Secret Lagoon”.

Secret Lagoon in El Nido by Tuan Nguyen via Flickr cc
Secret Lagoon in El Nido by Tuan Nguyen via Flickr cc

The Secret Lagoon is not only interesting for its rather exclusive and secluded location, though. Mystery-aside, this small body of water, which sits alongside the wider ocean expanse, is equally as special for its looks—consisting of a menagerie of stunning rock formations, white sand beaches, and of course, the untouched seawaters. If nature is considered a work of art, this particular spot within the already majestic El Nido is a magnum opus. It is so beautiful that it could, perhaps, make even the greatest painter cry in overwhelming admiration.

El Nido New Normal Requirements and Safety Guidelines
El Nido Travel Requirements and Safety Guidelines

But the Secret Lagoon’s presence is not so secretive, after all. Just recently, reputable travel platform Big 7 Travel had uncovered the place and even regarded the closed-guarded gem as the sixth-best beach in the world, overtaking more than 40 others in the overall ranking. The travel website describes the Secret Lagoon as “a hidden bay with crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, and tropical jungle,” though preceded with the more curious instruction on how to get to the place. The process is not necessarily Herculean, but having to enter through a hole in limestone rocks? Not for the faint of heart, but surely, color us all intrigue.

To be fair, the travel platform did not include any of the already popular ones, as the listing focuses on the so-called hidden gems that not many know about. So, unsurprisingly, no Boracay or Bohol on the list. Still, to rank as one of the top 10 in a far longer roster speaks volumes about how the Philippines could compete with many of the bests in the world through this one small region in the entire archipelago alone.

El Nido Palawan by Luca Calderone via Unsplash
El Nido Palawan by Luca Calderone via Unsplash

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