There’s one parked inside the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Ry Cooder put one on an album cover, they have their own dedicated magazine ( and Neil Armstrong and his fellow moon-landers were quarantined in one when they returned to earth in 1969.

The Airstream trailer, it’s fair to say, is an American design classic every bit as redolent of the USA as an Andy Warhol lithograph, a Raymond Chandler novel or an episode of Dallas.

Though the Airstream was first designed in 1929, it wasn’t until 2002 that it began to officially be sold on British shores. But the silver bullet feels more relevant than ever this year for anyone pining for the land of sliders, shakes and soda yet unable to get further west than Anglesey; Google searches for Airstream have gone up by 70 per cent in the UK in the past three months.

Here’s our pick of the best places in the UK where these slabs of gleaming chrome are pitched up and ready for you to climb aboard.