5. Ephemeral, Williamsburg

If indecision or commitment issues have stopped you from getting inked, pay a visit to Ephemeral’s Brooklyn location. This tattoo parlour specialises in made-to-fade tattoos that last roughly 9-15 months because the ink that’s used is broken down by the body over time (though they could potentially leave a small trace, something to definitely consider.) The procedure is like a regular tattoo, with the customary needles, sitting still and some healing time afterwards. But unlike many tattoo shops which can feel intimidating and overwhelming, Ephemeral’s clean, airy aesthetic, huge premises, super friendly team and brilliant aftercare packs make you feel very well looked after. They’ll also answer everything you need to know about the procedure, so ask away.

Must buy: A tattoo, naturally, but we’ll leave the design picking to you. Book now

Address: 111 N 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249,
Website: ephemeral.tattoo

6. Atelier Beauté Chanel, Soho

If interactive playful beauty spaces are your jam, then this magnificent Chanel store surpasses all. On entry, you’re given a CC-fronted locker and then the rest is up to you – you’re encouraged to play and experiment with the tables of make-up, try out the skincare (there are sinks and mirrors too) and spend time at the perfume bar finding your new favourite scent (try Misia, part of the Les Exclusifs fragrance line which fuses rose, violet and tonka bean and smells how I’d imagine a 1950’s lipstick might.) Of course, there’s also a content creation space to snap away in and brilliant artists on hand – or digitally – to assist if you need it and you can also book in with an artist for a lesson too. The whole experience is second to none.

Must buy: Hard to choose just one but the newly expanded and reformulated Les Beige Water Fresh Complexion Touch, about £56, comes in 16 shades and is the perfect invisible lightweight foundation that really does have the consistency of water. Buy now

Address: 120.5 Wooster St, New York, NY 10012
Website: atelierbeaute.chanel.com

7. Higher Dose, 11 Howard Hotel, Soho

Manhattan is magical but it’s also a lot. Stop off for some respite in the HigherDOSE infra-red wellness spa – nestled in the low-key 11 Howard hotel in Soho. Infra-red has grown in wellness circles as the must-have treatment to relieve everything from anxiety to sleep issues. The jury is out on the science; some studies show they can help with health issues like high blood pressure, arthritis and headaches, but infrared sauna usage is just too new to laud concretely. However, they are infinitely more palatable than a regular sauna because they use light to make heat which doesn’t warm the air around you. HigherDose also offers a magnesium oil wrap whilst you’re in the sauna which helps the calming mineral penetrate your skin (perfect for jet lag sufferers) but another gem here is the lymphatic drainage treatment. The use of intensive (and intense) Brazilian techniques mean that the treatment isn’t relaxing, but the difference is visible in areas of swelling and water retention. Every part of my body felt lighter afterwards – it’s like nothing else I’ve experienced.

Must buy: The Get Sculpted: LD + Wrap (75 minutes) will help boost your mood, relieve fatigue and help you feel a little more zen. About £185. Book now

Address: 11 Howard St, New York, NY 10013
Website: 11howard.com/wellness/higherdose

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