“We are flipping from just marketing women’s underwear for men to marketing everything for everybody,” says Sipe who, before joining Cosabella, was the designer and the founder of Menagerie Intimates, a lingerie brand focused on male-identifying bodies. Take, for example, the company’s lacy thongs and jockstraps that were launched under the brand’s “Never Say Never” category, which Guido Campello, the managing director of Cosabella, says is the first of more inclusive collections to come: “We’re already working on the second generation, which is really, what are the products that should cross over?” As Cosabella is venturing into marketing lingerie staples like bikinis and thongs for men, Campello says that the market is still catching up to what consumers have been demanding for a long time: “The idea that anyone could have elegance…  that’s really missing.”