Monaco Luxury Hotels 

When you think of Monaco, you may imagine yourself playing the roulette of its famous casino. Or maybe, you find yourself on a beautiful yacht, parked in front of the Principality, for a quick lunch to which you were invited by friends. There is no doubt that the one thing you know for sure is that your stay will be of the highest standards. That is because Monaco features some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Here are three in which you will want to drop your luggage.

Bay in MonacoBay in Monaco
Bay in Monaco

Lots to do in Monaco

If you are unsure that this is a destination for you, let us give you a few reasons that will incite you to book a hotel room in Monaco. First, the shopping. For example, you can find the most luxurious boutiques in the world, such as Cartier, Prada, and Alexander McQueen, strolling outside under the sun at One Monte-Carlo. Secondly, the amazing visits you can make around town. The Oceanographic Museum is a marvel to look at from the outside, thanks to its Baroque Revival Style, but the sea fauna you will find inside will make you enjoy the sea even more than before you walked in. From there, head to the Japanese Garden, where its Zen design will bring you to peace with the rest of the world, something we all strive for these days. Finally, Monaco wouldn’t be a complete holiday if you did not try your luck at the casino.

Facade of Hotel Hermitage in Monaco by Roderick Eime via Wikipedia CC.jpgFacade of Hotel Hermitage in Monaco by Roderick Eime via Wikipedia CC.jpg
Facade of Hotel Hermitage in Monaco by Roderick Eime via Wikipedia CC.jpg

The Hotels

The three hotels below will offer you completely different holidays. However, what you will be sure to find in each of them, is a complete world of luxury. As for the rest, here is how you can make your choice.

Monaco City Tour BusMonaco City Tour Bus
Monaco City Tour Bus

Choose a Legendary Hotel

If you wish to enter an iconic place and enjoy remembering all the Greats before you, you must choose the one and only Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. Although it has been newly renovated, making their guests’ life even more pleasant, it still has all the powerful charm that attracted many famous people in the past. During your stay, you won’t have to leave the premises to find the best food in town, as you can choose from their Michelin-starred in-house restaurants.

Choose a Life of Party and Wellness

Do you need to let go of a little steam? Then the hotel for you is the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. You can spend some time in its casino or catch one of the parties. The next day, spend some time at the spa Cinq Mondes before enjoying a great meal at the Blue Bay, a Michelin two stars restaurant.

Rock of MonacoRock of Monaco
Rock of Monaco

Choose Water First

If you enjoy the water, then Monte-Carlo Beach is the one for you. You can especially enjoy the sea, thanks to its private beach. And if you are still unsatisfied, you can swim a few laps in its Olympic-sized pool. Since the hotel hangs on a cliff, you can also catch exceptional views of the Big Blue.

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