Some of the styles were inspired by the requests and feedback she got and from brides for custom orders — “so they were already road-tested.” Others came from Polk’s knowledge of what sells well and what’s missing from the market. “I looked at what brides were asking me for. I looked at how many requests I was getting for certain gowns. I did tons and tons of research, took tons and tons of fabric meetings,” she says. Silhouettes range from a midi wrap dress to an open-back slip and a Regency era-like gown with goofy sleeves that Daphne Bridgerton wouldn’t have hesitated to marry the Duke of Hastings in. With every piece made-to-order in L.A., all the dresses are customizable in terms of color, fabrics, and styles. “You can mix and match all the styles. You can easily say, ‘I want a sleeve, I don’t want this sleeve, I want to take this skirt and put it on this style,’” Polk explains.