Get high-quality cooling

This LG refrigerator is excellent on many fronts. It is highly efficient, durable, and its four-star rating gives you plenty of power savings too. The smart inverter compressor is designed to provide you with unmatched performance and work as quietly as possible. This makes it an excellent fit for homes and small offices. Its advanced direct cool technology helps it easily handle voltage fluctuations and stay safe and stable. We particularly loved the innovative lattice-patterned box cover called Moist ‘n’ Fresh that keeps the moisture levels stable and optimal. Best for small families or singles, this antibacterial gasket makes it easy to clean and maintain while the fast ice making means you can always have some handy when you need it.

Power-saving advanced inverter technology

This beautifully designed fridge offers perfect cooling with a spacious interior. It effortlessly works even in low starting voltage conditions of 110V and smoothly runs on any home Inverter in power cuts. This way you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling all through the year. The wide toughened glass shelves give you maximum storage and can each hold up to 150 kg while the handy base stand with drawers allows you to store potatoes, onions, or other items easily. Besides the 20-litre veggie tray makes it easy to store groceries for the whole week without any trouble. Get this if you want a power-saving refrigerator that also cools reliably.

The future of direct cooling is here

This Whirlpool refrigerator is not only 4-star energy rated but also comes with Whirlpool’s Intellisense Inverter technology. Energy-efficient, it gives you massive savings and comes with a low starting voltage of 95V. Enjoy the magic chiller with slide action function as it chills bottles quickly and easily. In case the power goes out, it connects to the home inverter automatically. The magic chiller and laminar airflow ensure that your milk does not spoil even after 12 hours of power cut*. Offering minimal noise pollution and great design, you can also set ice super quick thanks to its New Laminar Air Flow and Insulated Capillary Technology. Besides its honeycomb design and moisture control system you can now get seven days of garden freshness stress-free.

The coolest way to fresher food

A trusted name in the electronics business, Samsung fridges are known for their technology and build quality. According to the cooling demand, its digital inverter technology adjusts its compressor speed and easily adapts to 7 different speed levels. This produces much less noise and saves energy and produces less noise. The best part is that there is no need for a voltage stabilizer even in places with frequent power fluctuations because it is designed to handle the strain and cut the power if the surge is too high. Spacious toughened glass shelves help hold a weight of 150kg, while the sizeable transparent vegetable compartment enables you to store more and see exactly what’s inside at a glance. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and low-maintenance fridge, this is it.