For the hardcore gamer

Designed by gamers for gamers, this mousepad is the perfect size for those who play RPG (Role Playing Games) games while also trying their hand at FPS (First Person Shooter) games. The low friction surface offers high DPI gamers an ideal surface for flick shots and 360 degree quick turns. The base is firmly bonded to a high-impact polystyrene core, keeping the rigid surface flat on the desk, making sure that your mouse glides over the mousepad for fast, accurate control. Buy it for its high-speed surface and excellent build quality.

For the modern FPS gamer

This mouse pad is perfect for the hardcore FPS players who prefer low DPS settings and require a lot of real estate for hand movement. The length of the mouse pad is perfect for stabilizing and can accommodate both your keyboard and mouse if desk space is limited. The rubberized anti-slip base prevents movement no matter how intense your gaming session gets. The surface material is just right for both FPS, RPG, or MMORPG games, the mouse pad allows for easy movement with great response timing. Buy this mousepad so you never run out of room for any video game.

For both work and play

You get 2 identical mouse pads for the price of one with this product. Both mousepads are 2mm thick, evening out any uneven surface you may be gaming on thereby giving you a smoother gaming experience. The stitched edges prevent the mousepad edge from fraying and better comfort for your wrist when making those quick flick shots. The stitched edge also ensures that the mousepad stays flat on any surface as it prevents that annoying mousepad edge-curl. The smooth, non-toxic material the mouse pad is made of provides a good experience when using it for both gaming and work. Buy this mouse pad for light gaming sessions and work.

Versatile and practical

This mouse pad is really for everyone. It has features that both gamers and the everyday PC desk jockey look for. The mousepad measures 12.6 by 10.6 by 0.08 inches, perfect for work and play. The size guarantees that it fits any desk and is the ideal companion for both optical and laser mice. The cloth high-quality surface is a tight weave offering excellent control for the graphic designer as well as smooth gliding for enemy tracking for gamers. The mousepad is machine washable, so when dirty, just toss in the washing machine to get it looking brand new again! Made for every type and everyday use this mousepad offers the best of both worlds, gaming, and work.