How long will national mourning last?

Britain will enter a period of 10 days of mourning, although only the day of the Queen’s funeral will be a national holiday.

When will the Queen’s funeral take place?

The Queen’s funeral will then take place at Westminster Abbey, probably 10 days later. On this day there will be a two-minute national silence, and the Stock Exchange will close. It will also be a national holiday.

How many bank holiday days will there be?

As well as the day of the Queen’s funeral, King Charles’s Coronation Day will be a national holiday, although it’s likely that the latter will not take place until several months, or even a year, later, in order to allow a respectful gap between the country’s mourning of the Queen and its celebration of a new monarch on the throne.

When will Prince Charles become King?

Officially, King Charles became King on the day that the Queen passed away, with an announcement that he is the new monarch by the Ascension Council the following day.

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