On Thursday, WhatsApp introduced a new camera shortcut in place of the camera tab in the Android beta. The shortcut is accessible to anyone who can form a community. However, a flaw also caused users who still have the camera tab, to see the shortcut for the camera. The problem was fixed in the revised beta version that was released on Friday, but the bug fix did not work as anticipated. After the upgrade, the camera shortcut was removed for both beta testers who can build community and those who cannot.

WhatsApp replaces camera tab with camera shortcut; learn who can get it and how

Users will still be able to rapidly use the camera by using the new shortcut even when the camera tab isn’t present. When the ability to create communities is enabled, the communities page will replace the camera tab in the online messaging application.

Furthermore, the fix will be released after the installation of the WhatsApp beta for Android update, claims WABetaInfo. As a result, it is advised that users should update to this version if they see the camera shortcut and the camera tab. The statement went on to say that a later update without the bug is expected in relation to the camera shortcut.

WhatsApp is also said to have been working on this new feature for iOS users. The navigation bar will contain a camera shortcut, and this exclusive feature will appear to be quite similar to that found in the Android beta version of WhatsApp. Users won’t be able to see the feature right now because it is still in development and will not be available until a forthcoming update of WhatsApp.

The ability to look for messages by date is a fascinating feature WhatsApp plans to add. However, it was an old feature that got abandoned almost two years ago. It is again to be reintroduced on WhatsApp for iOS. It is reported that when looking for messages in a chat, a new calendar icon will show, and selecting the date will make it simpler to find the message. When and if this will be made official for users is still unknown at this point.

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