You Don’t Need to Go on Your Weight Loss Journey Alone, Says Bobbi Partridge

Sometimes, you might feel that you’re going on your weight loss journey all alone. You’re the only one going on a diet and working out, trying to shed extra pounds. However, there is a community out there that shares your struggle and wants you to succeed. They will pick you back up when you get down, and they will advise you when you make mistakes, because they also want you to do the same for them. Bobbi Partridge found her community in the Speed Keto group, and now she wants to share her success with others. 

What pushed you to try Speed Keto?

I came across Speed Keto on Facebook, and I started following Harlan and the other people who were talking about it. When I started digging into it, I found out that it was exactly what I needed! It was a plan laid out to tell me exactly what to do. So, on his second round, I gladly jumped onboard. I set my alarm that morning to buy it since I was afraid it would sell out and I would miss it. So glad I bought it! 

How much weight did you lose on Speed Keto?

I did several rounds, and I lost a total of 30 pounds. 

What do you feel about the fact that Speed Keto doesn’t use “diet pills” or exogenous ketones, and that the plan focuses on eating real and whole foods to achieve weight loss?

Oh, I’m so thankful that I could still eat real food. You know, food that’s prepared and eaten. Even my non-keto family eats the meals from the recipes. I mean, I don’t even like taking headache pills, so I’m very glad I don’t have to take “diet pills.” It’s just a great plan, and it works. 

Do you believe that the support you received from the Speed Keto Facebook group has made a difference on your journey?

Yes, I’ll say it did. The support from the people in the FB group, along with Harlan and the coaches, helped me keep going. If I messed up, I always learned from it and kept going. I never quit. The Speed Keto team helped me get the right attitude. 

What are your current weight or health goals after Speed Keto? How did they change?

Now, I just want to take what I learned and just keep going with this new way of eating. 

Will you be recommending Speed Keto to your friends and family?

Bobbie Patridge

Absolutely! I tell everyone about Speed Keto. It’s so easy to share when you believe in it, and it also worked for me. I’m so grateful!


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