Danielle Prescod: A few years before I’d written the book, I had been in therapy. I had really started taking it seriously and decided to stop lying to my therapist. One thing that my therapist would constantly talk to me about was self-love. I obviously love myself, so I didn’t understand why she kept bringing it up, but what she was trying to highlight for me was that I didn’t love myself unconditionally. I only loved myself conditionally — if I had the kind of job and title that I wanted, if I looked exactly how I wanted that day, if I was wearing the clothes that I want, and if I was controlling every aspect, then I could love myself. But, if I was just existing, I couldn’t! So I was looking inward and going back to the times my self-esteem had been affected, and figuring out why I needed all these things to fully accept myself as an adult.

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