Antonio Guida is the chef of Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s restaurant Seta, very close to via Manzoni and via Montenapoleone. He draws inspiration from French cuisine – he worked with Pierre Gagnaire in Paris for a long time – but also from his native Puglia. Antonio’s risotto is to die for, as is another one of his most famous dishes: oysters with potatoes. It’s also lovely to be able to dine in the kitchen, watching the crew work in perfect harmony.

Address: Via Andegari, 9, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
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La Latteria

La Latteria’s chef, Arturo Maggi, has spent a lifetime in this tiny kitchen. He cooks with organic ingredients grown in his small patch of garden while his wife waits on a handful of tables and his son pours the wine, or rather the “vinello”. You will find all of Milan here – from Barnaba Fornasetti to Japanese students, designers, and intellectuals. Subtly spicy, perfectly cooked, al-dente spaghetti is served with green chilli and lemon; thinly sliced vegetables and eggs are fried in a silver pan to preserve the flavours. Of course, there are also puddings such as the extraordinary pastries of Cordon Bleu graduate Galdina Della Seta or signora Maria’s apples with gelato. Sometimes Arturo comes out of the kitchen – a bit of a grump – grunts a greeting and goes back in.

Address: Via S. Marco, 24, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
La Latteria doesn’t take reservations.

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