The 44-year-old has turned out to be, perhaps, the most prolific human trafficker to be nabbed by the Delhi Police in recent history. Police on 28 August busted Ali’s interstate human trafficking ring, rescuing seven women, including six minors

New Delhi: For the last 10 years, SK Hasan Ali has been providing housemaids to tony localities of Delhi-NCR. He has placed some 2,000 girls of all ages through his Delhi Raja Placement Agency, which he runs from Malviya Nagar.

But, the 44-year-old has turned out to be, perhaps, the most prolific human trafficker to be nabbed by the Delhi Police in recent history. Police on 28 August busted Ali’s interstate human trafficking ring, rescuing seven women, including six minors, when his agency office and house in Ambedkar Nagar were raided.

Four arrests were made, including Ali, while one associate is on the run.

Beginning of end for Ali

Ali’s unravelling began when Qamar Sek, a resident of West Bengal’s Jibantala, filed a complaint that his daughter had gone missing in December 2021. He was nine years too late.
Qamar Sek told a court that in 2012 he had given his minor girl to a couple from Khejurtala area as the latter had promised the father-daughter duo jobs as house-help in New Delhi. They had also promised that she could visit her parents back home every year.

However, the girl never returned.

The father never went to the police since he thought the police would arrest him for forcing his minor girl to work. Guilt-ridden Qamar could take no more; he took nine years to whack up the ginger to start looking for his daughter.

Qamar approached the couple he had given his girl to. Atiar Molla and Modina Molla told the distraught father that his daughter now lived at Hasan Ali’s shelter in Delhi.
Qamar took a train to Delhi.

Hasan Ali’s agency turned down all of Qamar’s queries about his daughter. Sensing foul-play, Qamar said in his complaint that he was convinced that his daughter had been sold.

Consequently, Qamar decided to approach the police, and with the help of a lawyer in Delhi, filed a complaint under section 156(3) CRPC which allows court to directly instruct police to register an FIR.

The Delhi court after hearing his complaint directed the local police in Jibantala police station to file an FIR under sections 363/365/366A/367/506 against Hasan Ali and the couple, following which the police launched a missing persons probe to locate Qamar’s daughter.

Ali’s registry of crimes

Virendra Singh, director of the Mission Mukti foundation, a non-profit that is dedicated to rescuing hapless women and minors from near-impossible situations, said WB police contacted him for co-operation. He said the police also involved officials of Childline and World Vision in the investigation.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) was also seized of the matter and instructed Delhi Police to cooperate.

“Our first job was to catch the couple who had sent the girl to Delhi. They told us that a man called Mantu gives them Rs 5000 for every minor girl they supply. He then takes these girls to Hasan Ali’s shelter in Delhi,” Singh said, adding the couple agreed to become state approvers and identify Mantu.

Cops from West Bengal arrested the couple on 21 August, 2022, on charges of human trafficking and criminal conspiracy, and got 10-day remand from court.

The police raided Ali’s agency as well as house and retrieved a register containing all records of women trafficked so far.

The register was mind-boggling! The police realised that Ali had trafficked nearly 2000 girls from different parts of the country, sourcing 250 alone from Qamar’s village in Jibantala, West Bengal.

Subsequently, the police have been successful in tracking just seven of the 2000 girls Ali has trafficked so far.

“Out of the seven girls that we recovered, six were minors, all of them had been employed in the past less than one year,” Singh said. “The girls, it has been found, were told to stay permanently with the employers, eligible for salary only after spending a certain period on the job, ranging from a year onwards,” he added.

Meanwhile, as Ali was arrested from Malviya Nagar. “He confessed to the crime. He said he has bought/brought several girls, including Qamar’s daughter, from different parts of the country for agency as well as others and that he got paid around 35000 for each girl,” police said in their investigation report.

On Ali’s information, West Bengal police also arrested his accomplice/agent Anjura Khan, who was identified as a native of 24 Parganas in West Bengal, but lived in New Delhi.

Not a trace

Sadly, while it was Qamar’s quest for his long missing daughter that blew the lid off this sinister human trafficking ring, the girl remains elusive and her whereabouts unknown and untraceable.

The police found her name as one of the entries in Ali’s register, the police found the address written against her name was fake. “The house never had anyone by the name mentioned in the register living there; even the neighbors could not remember anyone,” Singh said.

The search for Qamar’s daughter continues.

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