Live sharing has now become possible through Google Meet. Users can co-stream videos while in the meeting via this feature. There are some prerequisites before you start co-watching YouTube videos in Google Meet. You would need an Android device, a personal Google account and Google Meet.

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A premium membership is required to begin a live session on YouTube. However, meeting attendees can co-watch the video without one. The feature of live sharing was introduced to Duo earlier this year. And now that the Duo and Meet have merged, this feature is available in Google Meet as well.

Steps for co-watching YouTube videos in Google Meet:

Step 1: After joining a meeting, tap on the screen to reveal call controls.

Step 2: Find the three-dot menu that appears at the bottom, then click on it. After that, select “Activities”.

Step 3: Tap the YouTube button visible under Activities.

Step 4: Look for the video you want to share live. It should be noted that some YouTube videos, including any paid content and children’s content, cannot be played during live sharing.

Step 5: Click on the video you want to co-watch.

Step 6: Tap on the Start button in the pop-up menu that asks to begin a live sharing session.

A green bar with the text “You are live sharing in Meet” will be visible at the bottom of your screen once live sharing has started. This implies that everyone attending your meeting is now watching the YouTube video. When the video begins playing, everyone in the meeting can pause, rewind, and forward the footage for all participants.

It should be kept in mind that while watching a video in the YouTube app, you may miss notifications or in-meeting messages. Therefore, it is advised to regularly check the Meet app for any notifications that could have been missed.

In a recent development, Google has come up with an automatic transcription feature for Google Meet. This feature will automatically record and transcribe a discussion. This ensures that users do not miss out any important information that was given during the session.

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